Thursday 6 September 2012

SIider Bar

 Chicken Bucket done the Lucky Chip way: chicken gravy, creamed sweetcorn, coleslaw, cheese croquettes and of course fried chicken!
Another week, another burger joint on my to try list, this time Slider bar, the first Soho venture by the guys behind Lucky Chip. Their residence at the Sebright Arms has been my to go to place for good, cheap and guaranteed to be tasty weekend dinners for the last few weeks  so I was more than excited to hear that they would be bringing their burgers under a slightly different concept into central London. While Lucky Chip impresses with its back to basic, served on paper plates approach, at Slider Bar a lot of attention has been paid to the presentation and overall dining experience whilst still featuring the burgers that have made Lucky chip such a cult burger joint. Here classics like fried chicken and fish and chips get given quirky makeovers, the fried chicken for example served with chicken gravy out of a squeezy bottle, creamed sweetcorn, coleslaw and cheese croquettes, presented in cute (  I am a sucker for anything miniature), cool yet also very refined way. The same is true for the burgers. For £12.50 you can select two of the many sliders on the menu which get served with skinny fries and a rather intriguing and delicious lemonade shot,, attempting to emulate a real diner experience. Again the presentation is spotless but the burgers still of the same standard (and that standard is pretty darn good) as at their Hackney counterpart. I sampled their fillet o fish, the Daryl Hannah, and new veggie variation, a unusual but successful combination of potato cake, kimchi and wasabi mayo- both exceptional in their flavours and for me easier to handle than normal size burgers, and yes I am one of those lame girls that asks for knife and fork to cut my burgers usually! It is definitely more girly and refined in terms of portion size and concept but I personally really enjoyed the experience and none of the original flavours and quality  associated with Lucky chip have been lost. It is a little more expensive especially as I could hardly say no to their amazing DIY sundae, basically my idea of dessert heaven- soft serve ice cream with a side of bubble gum and popcorn flavour sauces, honeycomb, chocolate and popping candy that you can pour on to your hearts content, but its a great place to have a proper meal out and cocktail with less of the fast food vibe that often comes with places serving burgers. Hidden in the basement of the Player bar, its a great place to take someone and let them experience a truly quirky and fun take on the current burger craze.
Mini sliders- Daryl Hannah fillet o' fish and veggie burger, skinny fries and lemonade shot (not mayo!)
The amazing DIY sundae- dessert heaven


Josephine Pearl said...

Great pictures, all the food looks absolutely delicious :)

Jo. x

Camilla said...

That looks like a great concept, I don't know how it's passed me by! Time to get myself down to players again...

Abi. said...

Looks gorgeous! What a great concept!

Abi x