Wednesday, 12 September 2012



Unknown said...

Hi Stella! Love the purple outfit :)

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Lots of Love

Maudochrome said...

I finally found someone using a Sony as I do :D great look!

bootyfurl said...

I remember you from LFW AW12, you are absolutely fierce!

Unknown said...

This is to die for, so lovely!

Birdie wears a tie said...

I just found your blog and I am so in love. Your style is absolutely adorable. I really am a eyeliner maniac, and the way you used it is just awesome. Your style kinda adds another dimension to me. Your outfits are totally inspiring. I love the way you combine garments and colors and makeup and stuff. You remind me of a sentence I one read on "try to dress witchy, girly, punk-y, princess-y and badass at the same time." And you mastered this "rule." Your blog is definitely to die for.

I am totally following, and I am looking forward to future posts!

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