Thursday 2 August 2012

A Few Of My Favourite Things Part 1

So inspired by Time Out who recently had a feature detailing the 100 best dishes in London I thought I'd do something similar because you know its always great to know that one amazing thing to have at a restaurant!
To start off with 5 of my favourites but more to come!

Best Brunch dish-
Banana bread with espresso mascarpone and date & orange jam @ Workshop Coffee
This has become a bit of a weekend tradition and I don't even have to say what I am going to order anymore, the lovely guys at Workshop coffee knowingly nodding once I sit down (always with extra sides of course!). Its an incredible flavour combination and a dish that I can have again and again and again! Its not your standard brunch option but definitely my favourite one, served in a relaxed environment that has made Workshop Coffee a place that you can take anyone to, knowing that they will love it!
Best dessert:
Toffee sundae @ Hawksmoor Bar
I have a sweet tooth, there is no denying that, and am never one to say no to dessert. However sadly in many restaurants dessert can sometimes be a bit of an afterthought and often fails to wow me. The sundae here though is incredible. Clotted cream, sorbet, hot toffee sauce, chewy toffee and toffee sponge combined to make one hell of a flavour combination that every time makes me look forward to a fitting end to a consistently great dining experience at the bar.
Best coffee-
Flat white @ Tapped and Packed
Tapped and Packed has pretty much become my home away from home. When I was stressing out about my exams I would sit down here, drink a smooth and delicious flatwhite and revise like there was no tomorrow. What makes it so nice is that everyone that works her and the regulars are absolutely lovely and make you feel part of a little Fitzrovia family. Having a regular place to hang out has been a real blessing and is made even better by the fact that they serve incredibly good coffee (look out for the really tall redhead he makes the best coffee i have had). I can't recommend it enough, a gem of a cafe that is so needed in London!
Best fries-
Whether cheese, chilli cheese or plain fries  @ MEATLiquor/MEATmarket
Fries may seem like an easy thing to get right but nowhere are they quite as crunchy, salty and perfectly cooked than in the offshoots of the iconic MEATwagon. Putting their unique twist on proper Amerixan  junk food and never taking themselves to serious but still getting the food so so right, it is the perfect guilty pleasure venue and once you've tried one of their fries (and also very good burger- particularly the buffalo chicken one) you are sure to return which explains the long queues that always form outside at dinner time!
Best comfort food dish-
Mac n Cheese @ Spuntino
Served in an iron pan and oozing with gooey cheese the Mac n Cheese at Spuntino is  to put it most simply like a hug in food form and puts me in a good mood whenever I come to sit around the bar at this favourite Soho spot! With little touches like herbs, breadcrumbs and a hint of mustard this mac n cheese is far from bland and makes me get a little bit excited every time it comes out steaming hot which has resulted in me burning my mouth more than once not quite able to wait for it to cool down!
Five more to come next week!


ScatterrBrained said...

AHHH this entire post has made me feel so ridiculously hungry! all looks AMAZING! :D

rebecca x

Charmaine Cowland said...

you eat the best looking food ever!

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Ahh I want that toffee sundae so bad! I LOVE DESSERT