Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Going Gorillas

T-shirt = The Kooples


Joana said...

I like that you paired the cool shirt with the girly skirt. Fantastic.

Emmie said...

You are the cutest!! I'm convinced I've seen you wondering around london before

Eléana said...

I looove ! ♥.♥

Identity Unknown said...

you look brilliant! is it hard to do your make up? i have such a wobbly hand i'd have wonky lines under my eyes :S


Lizzie~ said...

I love your gorilla top!! x

Anaïs Qui said...

Amazing !

Mon Joli Paris said...

I discovered you thanks to Diglee and I also read what she wrote about you in her blog, well let me say WAHOU. You have great style (original style!!) and your story is amazing ;)
Congrats !!
Btw, great outfit here !

Marie said...

Wow, you're so gorgeous ! Love this outfit !

Cristina said...


Where did you find this amazing leather jacket ?

I love it !

Love your blog by the way

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