Tuesday 10 July 2012

BLEACH - my hairdresser of choice

My hair has become as much part of my look as my outfits and it is not that easy to find a good hairdresser in London that knows how to cut it well (and most importantly when you are as OCD as me when it comes to my fringe) really, really straight). I first tried out Bleach when I had my fringe bleached, something that  I have kept ever since, as the girl behind all Alex Brownsell created a less damaging process of bleaching ends and was one of the pioneers of the dip dye hair trend that has swept across the fashion scene and London's hippest parts ever since. I have since tried various temporary colours and love coming back every time, everyone  super friendly and extremely good at what they are doing Even more conveniently for me one of their two London salons (the other one in Dalston) is located in the basement of Topshop i.e. my second home so makes it really easy for me to pop in whenever I need a quick trim! I will definitely stay faithful to Bleach and can't wait to try some more colours (I'm thinking silver next?)!

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Namnam said...

I saw you in the magzine "Phosphore", the title was "Fashion Week, Oh my blog!" :)