Thursday, 3 May 2012

Sneak Peak at MEATmarket

Having been a big fan of MEATliquor right from its opening day and  having had their deep fried pickles and chili cheese fries more times than I'd like to admit, I was more than excited to be inivted to the preview opening of their new sister operation MEATmarket. It has a slightly different yet no less cool concept with an emphasis on being able to take away your greasy goods and a menu that though keeping some of the classics also includes a wider range of hot dogs, alcoholic milkshakes, which sadly we didn't get to sample on our visit, and the amazing poppaz (a deep fried concoction of cheese jalapeños and breadcrumbs that is seriously addictive). Like MEATliquor's location in the basement of a car park, MEATmarket wins with its quirky and less than obvious location, juxtaposed in its overlooking position of the slightly dodgy market stalls located in the Jubilee Hall just by  Covent Garden, a kinda dirty fast food joint in the heartland of tourism, something that this area which I tend to avoid really can do with. Everything gets served in paper bag and cups, even the rather amazing "Miami Vice", in essence a grown up and and alcoholic slush puppy and once your order is ready you need to get up to the counter to pick it up. It might be a long way from the traditional restaurant experience but the low prices, imaginative menu and unpretentious vibe make it much like MEATliquor the perfect place to have a fun, boozy and slightly greasy night out with your friends and hopefully with two now open will mean less queuing to get your MEAT fix.
Fries and poppaz
Miami Vice
Counter where you need to pick up your order once its ready!
Queue rules
MEATmarket opens this week so check it out! 


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