Monday, 14 May 2012

Silk & spikes

Shoes= Jeffrey Campbell @ Urban Outfitters
Trousers= Topshop 
Blouse= Topshop
Blazer= Topshop
Hairband= DIY!


Caroline Thornham said...

Gorgeous- those slinky ombre trousers are stunning, and your shoes.... Gah, I'm desperate for a pair of those spiked litas- so jealous! xxxxx

Charmaine Cowland said...

Beautiful! Love the silk ombre trousers, i saw them on topshop and wasn't too sure on how to wear them, but with this post i think I'll definitely buy them, they look so lovely!

Lela London said...

Ombre trousers at Topshop, be mine. Haha. Looks great!

Enter to WIN my hotel, afternoon tea and beauty Competition!

Debora Bondì said...

I love your look ans your style!!

Identity Unknown said...

love your trousers

follow me


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