Friday, 10 February 2012


Wahaca is the perfect place for a girly, fun and tasty get together and was the ideal venue for an early birthday dinner with my history coursemates. Wahaca is the brainchild of Masterchef winner Thomasina Meyer who after travelling around Mexico decided it was about time to give Mexican food a bit of a makeover. Inspired by the simple yet delicious street food she sampled, she set out to challenge the common perceptions of this cuisine in Europe. Most of us of course associate it with stodgy cheesy tex mex style creations but that is definitely not what you will get at Wahaca. Using the idea of tapas style eating ie having several little plates she has recreated many Mexican classics like huevos rancheros and quesadillas but with a fresh twist where locally sourced ingredients are used to create light, delicious and interesting dishes. The cocktails are also great, the Wardour street branch of wahaca even has a special downstairs tequilla bar that serves the most ref reshing hibiscus mojitos ( a must have if you go). The interior is another clear winner, colourful, slightly over the top ( I particularly adore the Chiquita banana chandelier) and inspired by the tin huts on the outskirts of Mexico City, it  completely absorbs you with its laid back, fun and unpretentious atmosphere and made us forget that it was actually snowing outside. Prices are low and it is one of those places where you always know you going to have good food and a good time!
Hibiscus mojitos
 Tortilla chips with frijoles
 Chicken guajillo toastada
 Sweet potato chunks
 Cheesy black bean quesadilla
Huevos Rancheros (traditionally a brunch dish but too delicious to not have for dinner)


thank god there's fashion said...

I love this place, such amazing food I always have a burrito and hibiscus water!

Chantelle x

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