Wednesday 24 January 2018

My top tips for a grown up and stylish bedroom (from the girl that lived in one that looked like it belonged to a 16 year old until now)



Get rid of the things you don’t need!

Unless you are a millionaire or are very fortunate to have inherited an amazing flat in London it is very unlikely that you have buckets of space to waste when it comes to your living situation. Most people will have to fit their entire life into one room so you may as well be clever about it! I used to have 2 huge rails of clothing out which ended up wasted a quarter of the room. Did I wear all of what was hung up? Of course not! Which is why I condensed the rails into one, freeing up an entire corner of my room, sold lots on Depop (making money that I used for redecoration bits and bobs) and folded up neatly all the seasonal stuff I wasn't going to wear for another half year to store in my build-in wardrobe. To my pleasant surprise by the end of this operation my core capsule wardrobe was cut down to one neat (and colour coordinated) rail and my mind felt a lot more free without so much unnecessary crap in my life and room.



Don’t stop at your clothes!

I did the same for my vast collection of custom jewellery and sunglasses that previously rather lavishly inhabited the entire and only desk in my room. It may have looked cool but it only really collected dust and again cost me actual functionality of the room, making it near impossible to use the desk for anything but showing off my bling. 

A quick bin of whatever pieces I was never going to wear again / were broken and an Ikea shop later I moved all my remaining sunglasses and jewellery into a stylish little grey cardboard drawer set and within few minutes had not only gained a new workspace to type my blog posts up at but an actual place to eat my dinner that wasn’t my bed or sofa. The biggest upside to this new attitude? Once you learn what it means to have less clutter you also stop buying stuff for the sake of it and begin to sell what you don’t need. I for one am all about less is more now. 


My new interior direction may sound more grown up but it doesn’t have to mean that my room is less stylish. Indeed for me it was all about finding cool little room accessories to add that finishing touch. I absolutely adore my amazing framed prints from Junique, who have a fantastic selection of affordable art online. I also bought some great little plant pots for a couple of quid from trusty Tiger and to fill them headed to Columbia Road flower market on a Sunday (top tip go around 3-4pm to get the real bargains), buying myself some easy maintenance succulents and cacti that have, I am happy too announce, survived so far!!! They might not scream STATEMENT but these pieces have injected some subtle personal touches into the room without deterring from the Scandi chic look I was going for!

Invest where it’s worth investing in!

Next on my to buy list: a decent mattress, as my back is seriously suffering from the old one in my room, and some proper duck down pillows. Yes, expensive and boring purchases but the older I get the more I realise they are the ones worth making!


Unknown said...

You must feel like a huge weight has been lifted off your shoulders now! I have to say, I'm really loving the decluttered look you now have! Your desk with all the jewellery looked very nice, but it did give me a bit of anxiety! LOL I'm glad you now have a space to eat your dinner. It really does have a more grown-up feel to it now, you must enjoy being in it. But I have to say, I do think you should at least bring back your go f*ck me sign ;) haha!

Hayley xx

Teresa Halminton said...

Love your decoration! I'm also on my way to re-decor my room, so many things to do. And I also love the idea of minimal living, and I love DIY things.

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