Wednesday, 5 April 2017


I thought I would share a few quick impressions of the best food, drinks and places I enjoyed during a recent weekend trip to Düsseldorf, there on this occasion to show one of my best friends in the world my one and only hometown from it's best side.


If you go to one place for dinner in Düsseldorf make it this place. Serving European / traditional German dishes with a modern touch I am yet to have a less than stellar meal here. In fact every time I have eaten here it's been simply fantastic. It may not be cheap (our dinner with a glass of wine came to around 27 euros each) but for that you get to enjoy expertly prepared and seriously tasty food. You can go for a German classic like their infamous (and huge) Schnitzel, served with a refreshing cucumber and mayo salad and potatoes as my friend did on this occasion or try something a little more exotic and fusion driven. I did and wow I did not regret it. Indeed my seared tuna sashimi, arriving on a bed of Asian vegetables and served with smashed avocado as well as an incredibly delicious sesame dipping sauce was out of this world, in fact probably one of the best dishes I have EVER eaten. This was a simply beautiful and refined marriage of flavours and had me ohhing and ahhing throughout. is a real calinary gem and can often commandhy queu peak times but those queues are there for a reason, heck I'd happily wait a few hours just to eat that tuna again. 

PS: get the sweet potato fries on the side no matter what main you settle for - they are fried to absolute perfection.

To our utter delight temperatures reached a heady 23 degrees on the Friday of our stay which of course proved to be the IDEAL aperol spritz weather, it of course being my all time favourite sunshine drink. To make things even better we also managed to find the perfect seats outside a stunning new cafe part of the Kö bogen which also happened to overlook a scenic and recently redeveloped park bang in the centre of town. Sitting here sipping on a huge, chilled and refreshing spritz I could not help but feel like on a proper holiday even if we were only a 45 minute flight away from London. The perfect place to have a chat and watch the world go by. 

Named after one of Dusseldorf's most famous sons, world renown and slightly nuts artist Josef Beuys, this bar may be a little off the beaten track and hidden amongst the more touristy drinking dens in Dusseldorf's going out district but it is more than worth seeking out. Every detail counts here, from the cocktail menus coming in an old school cassette case to the expert bartenders mixing up delightful and imaginative cocktails behind the stunningly lit up bar. This place could easily hold its own when compared to some of London's far more established counterparts, with my amaretto sour as ordered on the occasion being one of the best I have got to sample. Make sure to not arrive too late, this place gets super busy with people that know it is where to get the best drinks in town. 

Ok so Dusseldorf's clubbing scene may not be quite on par with that of Berlin or London but that doesn't mean that you can't find a decent club to spent a night out at here. In fact Der Salon des Amateurs which translates into something like 'the amateur's salon' was named as one of the 25 best clubs in Europe by the Guardian and in my opinion very rightly so. During the day a cafe that is part of Dusseldorf's modern art museum, at night Der Salon transforms into an intimate, vibey and seriously cool club that hosts an eclectic area of DJ's and attracts a mixed and artsy crowd that were an absolute joy to get to know on our Friday night out there. It's not pretentious and an absolutely unique experience - a must visit even for people that aren't into clubbing. 

I have written about my favourite noodle bar in the world, Naniwa, on numerous occasions on this blog and I make a point of eating here (or on this occasion ordering a takeaway) every time I'm in town. This place is as authentic as noodle soups and yaki soba get and the locals know this too well with a queue forming outside most dinner and lunch times no matter the day. Anything you order here is bloody fantastic but I have one ultimate favourite that I wish I could magically import most weekends when I need a decent hangover fix..what dish you may ask? Well they wrap their delicious soba noodles and stir fried veggies that come tossed in a sticky and delicious sauce in a Japanese omelette and top it with mayo and pickled ginger. It's slightly stodgy, eggy, satisfying and oh boy basically THE best hangover cure I have had in a long time. Naniwa please open a London branch soon, I need this to be a regular addition to my diet and so will you after trying it. 

Until next Dusseldorf! I will be back for sure...