Thursday 24 September 2015

5 Tips For Dressing (Up) At University

1.     Don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd. Yes, lame statement but with your chino wearing Rugby dudes, designer clad foreign students and the oh so bohemian looking English lit students it’s easy to feel pressure to dress to fit in. I may have gotten some very strange looks during my time at UCL from some lecturers and fellow students but fashion is about having fun and expressing yourself and your uni years are a great time to do exactly that!

2.     Don’t stop making an effort. It might be tempting to rock up to your 9 am lecture in joggers and a sweatshirt, especially if you no longer have a mother giving you a judgmental up and down look before you leave the house, but taking pride in your appearance is important and hey you bump into the love of your life on campus and you sure don’t want to be in your JD Sport best when that happens.

3.     Use that student loan. Don’t waste all of it on nights out and booze because once you leave university you are most likely to not earn very much whilst also having to pay all those annoying adult things like council tax. So use your loan to buy some nice quality basics ( Cos, & Other Stories and the like) and pretend you don’t have to spent the next 30 years of your life paying that loan back.

4.      Find friends. Ideally with the same dress size as you. My flat mate and me basically share wardrobes which not only saves you a ton of money but is perfect for pushing you a little bit out of your style comfort zone as you can try a totally different look without having to part with any cash!

5.      It’s ok to make mistakes. I donned some rather ridiculous outfits over the last few years including an awful lot of sequins and feathers but that was all part of finding the (slightly scaled back) sense of style I have now. As with everything at university it’s all part of growing up and becoming a “proper” adult. Plus you can always untag the worst of your fashion mistakes or as I do use them for hilarious #TBT!


Unknown said...

I totally agree with this sentence "It’s ok to make mistake" because learning is the best experience. You get to become smarter with ins and outs of style and fashion.

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