Tuesday 27 May 2014

Think Pink

I have a problem.  Once in a while, and to the disapproval of my amazing hairdresser Pont at Blue Tit in Dalston, I get an all consuming urge to add a touch of pink to my otherwise bleached white hair. I know very well that I do enough damage to my locks as it is, any of my friends will be too aware of my almost meditation like daily fringe straightening session, but that hint of pink pastel will every couple of months see me attempt a little DIY dying session at home. I have learnt a lesson or two in the course of doing so and boy some of the colours I have tried along the way left me with an unidentifiable hair colour in the washing out process that usually follows the approximately 2 days of enjoyment of the colour. Crazy Color was the first I tried with the dye coverage pretty poor and the pink patchy rather than cotton candy like. For a while I was a Directions convert but the pastel pink I used of theirs may have covered my hair a lot more evenly however also for a much longer than desired time, 20 washes with anti-dandruff shampoo ( the best way to get colour out of bleached hair) later I was often left with a peachy tone I had not really bargained for. This time I wanted to give the new Bleach London dyes for home use a go. I went to their Dalston salon for a good 2 years and always enjoyed great cuts and colours so couldn't help but raise high hopes for their foray into at home dyes. At only £5 per bottle and with enough dye for more than one use ( unlike Directions and Crazy Color) I was excited to see how it would turn out and after just over 10 minutes on my head and washing it out with lukewarm water, was indeed left with the perfect shade of pink. It also happens to wash out like a dream, by day two my hair the fluffiest shade of baby pink and after four days now nearly back to the white I started with. I may have finally found a way to go pink once in a while without the hair drama that usually followed! 

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