Saturday, 2 November 2013

Dark Flowers

Playsuit / Topshop
Earrings / H&M


dfordakota said...

beautifulll x

Unknown said...

amazinggggggggg <3

Hayley xx

Ashley said...

Lovely! Thought you were wearing separates actually. In that case, I love the variation in this playsuit's print: the top portion reminds me of ink blots, while the bottom is reminiscent of a stingray (patterned variety, like the fiddler ray or something). Plus lavish earrings and a beanie - contrasting but so complementary!

Holly said...

that jumpsuit is insane :D wow

Ino L. said...

I just found your blog! I fell in love with your clothes and your amazing style.

@bubblejam said...

Dear Stella, where did you get the lovely shirt from? I've been looking for similar for ages! Pls tweet me xx

emoosh said...

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