Sunday, 3 March 2013

Lucky Fried Chicken

If you do one thing this coming week make your way to Kentish town for some Lucky Fried Chicken goodness while you still can! Why this week? Well taking inspiration from a certain Colonel in name and theme has meant that this new residency by the team behind Lucky Chip in the Grafton pub is doomed to be a brief but brilliant pop up before they start serving their equally amazing, and in my opinion best in London, burgers there. Whether you go all out on a bucket or like me and my friend on this occasion go for a more modestly sized snack box, fried chicken is the clear star of the show here. Even I as only occassional eater of chicken was completely won over by this tender, non greasy and perfectly seasoned chicken that was worth looking rather inelegant when eating for ( I challenge anyone to gnaw on a bone in a ladylike way). The sides are equally good, little touches like the bread rolls, best dipped into the gravy and mash or the fragrant BBQ baked beans make this a truly pimped up, high quality take on the usual fried chicken establishments. Much like with Lucky Chip and Slider bar they have managed to once more deliver creative, comforting and reasoanbly priced food (you will be hard pushed to spend over £15 with a whole lot of chicken) that while sadly won't be around for too much longer is definitely worth the trip. Go while you can!

Lucky Fried Chicken @ The Grafton
20 Prince of Wales Road