Thursday 14 February 2013


Macaroons have always been the baked equivalant of haute couture to me, each macaroon carefully crafted, delicately flavoured and a true masterpiece of patisserie that was already enjoyed by the likes of Marie Antoinette. Of course these are not an everyday food, for one they are almost impossible to make  at home, they aren't cheap and for me they have always been enjoyed to mark a special occasion. I have tried a few macaroons in my time before finding the perfect one, Pierre Hermes' with a little bit too much filling, Yauatcha a little dry, before settling on probably the  most famous maker of macaroons whose mint packaging already makes my hear beat faster. Of course I am talking about Ladureé, whose shops and cafes dotted around Paris and thanfully now also London have been producing their amazing macaroons since 1862. They may stick to classic variations but each macaroon perfectly encapsulates its flavour whether salted caramel, rose or vanilla (my personal favourites). Turning 21 was of course the perfect opportunity to visit Ladureé once more and having never been to the Knightsbridge branch which is located within Harrods, I was more than excited when my friend Kate suggested going there for a birthday treat on a rainy sunday. With an interior inspired by the grandeur of somewhere like the Versailles palace, crystal chandeliers, marble statues, the walls lined with pastel macaroon boxes and champagne bottles and a long glass counter displaying their beautiful goods it exudes extravagance. Once sat down it was far from easy to decide what flavours to choose but after much deliberation we were served great champagne and a selection of macaroons that did, as lame as it sounds, make me feel like a princess for the time we spent there, hidden away from the world and savouring each perfectly crisp macaroon ( a surprise winner on this occasion was the new Cognac flavour). Its the first time I have sat in at Ladureé, their Central London shop with only a few outdoor seats, but the exceptional service made it a truly memorable experience that I would recommend to anyone wanting to have a special treat! 


Audrey said...

I'm going to Paris over the summer and Laduree is at the top of my list! I didn't get the chance to try them in NY, so I'm determined to go this time. Happy belated birthday! All your celebrations look wonderful!

Oroma Roxella Rukevwe said...

Love them!

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