Thursday, 12 January 2012

Secret Cinema.

Secret Cinema. Tell no one. That is the motto of the most authentic, entertaining and thrilling cinema experience you are ever likely to have, an alternative night out that will see you not only watch but also become part of a film. Since it's conception a few years back the Secret Cinema has gathered a cult following and after having been twice i can say justifiable so. You buy your tickets, which at £25-35 aren't much more expensive than a night out, completely oblivious to what film you are going to watch, in the run up to the date receiving hints and dress-codes via email that build up anticipation and leave you guessing right until the last minute.
Once you arrive at the secret location you will instantly be transported into the setting of the film with intricate sets, themed food stalls and incredibly convincing actors that will actively engage with you and make you feel part of the storyline. Only when, after a few hours of being completely submerged into the atmosphere,  you sit down and finally see the title of the film flash before you, do you finally know that you have just been reliving much of the film and realise just how being part of it changes your view and perception of it. You are only allowed to talk about what film was portrayed once its month long run has ended which is why you will have to wait a little longer to find out what i experienced when i went at the end of December. However the first time i went the film chosen was the Battle of Algiers and i got to experience life in a Kasbah under French occupation in a 1950's Algiers with belly dancers, coffee bars and armed French soldiers. This short video gives you a little taster of what it was like and watch this space for a detailed post of the latest edition in a few weeks. It is addictive, different and an experience you will never forget. 
To sum up, go plight your allegiance to the Secret Cinema and don't forget: tell no one.



will defo check it out!


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