Tuesday 2 August 2011

Back to the future

This dress was an absolute bargain and once again a real gem within the ASOS black range. As you have probably noticed I have a dress or two from this collection and each one is always qualitative superb and with a real high fashion touch. This one was reduced from £155 to £50 and fits perfectly into A/W1's futuristic trend with its geometric perspex embellishments. It works extremely well with the Miss Selfridge blouse which is from their special new capsule collection Project 1 and gives young designers the chance to design some key pieces sold in their shops nationwide.


Andie Bottrell said...

Oh my god! That dress! That blouse! The new header photo! ! ! !

helen turnbull said...

This is so beaut.

Helen, Xhttp://areyoudressingupordressingdown.blogspot.com

Unknown said...

This outfit is GORGEOUS! so lovely to meet you yesterday :):)

LuV said...