Monday, 13 June 2011

My very own piece of Christopher Kane magic!

I have admired Christopher Kane and his rapid rise as designer for a while now and find it remarkable and a token of his design talent and innovative approach to fashion how he has managed to establish his own successful label worn by anyone from Samantha Cameron to Alexa Chung at a time when fashion conglomerates are worryingly beginning to dominate and dictate high end fashion. I was fortunate enough to hear about one of his sample sales taking place in Shoreditch and among many things that i would have loved to buy if i perhaps wasn't on a student budget i found this stunning 'princess skirt' with his signature galaxy print. I love the fluid cut of the skirt and the added edge of the exposed zip at the bottom and see it as real investment piece that can be combined in so many different ways, adding an instant wow factor to any outfit. I hope this is not the last piece of his great designs I will be able to put my own twist on!


ronan said...

wow you look so awesome! the skirt is absolutely amazing! great find there! :) i'm sure it wont be the last thing! ronan x

Sandra Kisić said...

I love it, Stella! Wow.

the nyanzi report said...

you look super!

p.s. i had you on my blog yesterday.

Linh said...

wow the skirt is quite amazing!

Alexander L said...

Perfect skirt!

Valerie said...

Hi! Just found your blog and I love your outfits! (special love for this one) You look so adorable. Love your hair too!! :) Following you. xx

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