Monday, 11 April 2011

Modern Hippie


Elina said...

ahhhhw you have it! i'm jealous now haha :)
this dress is to die for!



mon... said...

:-O Great outfit! I love your style (:

Victorie said...

oh your hair <3

Ylenia said...

I love your looks, you have a very powerful sense of style.

from longuette

Camille said...

You look lovely and quite unique. I love it! The orange is spot on for the season and I like the modernity of this whole look.

czech foreigner said...

love it!

Sarah said...

You have a beautiful sense of style!

I just discovered your blog and gave a little mention on mine, hope you'll check it out.



Anonymous said...

i luv ur looks and i want new post! =)

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