Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Colour blocking my way into spring!


minnja said...

wow, love it :))

LOVE minnja

Emm said...

love the colours!
Youve got some great outfits on your blog!
youve got an amazing look


Lucia said...

your hair is so cute, like twiggy! i recognise you, i think i saw you at the david koma presentation/talk at topshop a few months ago! maybe it wasn't you aha

Stella's wardrobe said...

yes that was me :D!!! did you like the presentation?

Lucia said...

haha i remember thinking you had really cool 60's style hair. yeah from what i saw i was impressed but had to leave half way through to meet a friend! what about you?

Lucia said...

i know what you mean... oh is it! where do you go to uni/what are you studying? it's such a good topshop isn't it. my friend works there on the shoe dept. no i don't, i live in the south east/kent area, really want to move to london though!

Stella's wardrobe said...

i do history at ucl (yes i know sounds ermmm exciting :P)!!!

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