Tuesday 1 February 2011


I simply couldn't resist this beautiful Little White Dress from the cutting edge Asos Black collection that has been suprising me with little fashion gems for the past few seasons. Pure white in its colour but with a cut that makes a real statement this dress needs minimal accessorising and looks more like haute couture than highstreet! here i have teamed it up with yet another sales bargain, these sparkly Kurt Geigers (with real Swarovski crystals) were reduced from a whopping £350 to £105 and though very versataile and simple because of their nude colour add, combined with some grey socks from topshop the finishing touch to this outfit!


TheStrawberryFields said...

Ive saw that dress before i do like it alot and i like how you have styled it.
The girl who runs 5inch and up blog is currently in the running to be a stylist for asos and she styled this dress.

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