Monday 9 August 2010

Topshop SALE!

Sorry for my lack of new posts recently, my internet is still playing up :( anyway this outfit is the result of a successfull sales hunt in my local topshop. i got the necklaces, dress and cropped jean jacket for £40 which i think is pretty good for a whole new outfit dont you think?
on another note this week i ordered a black aviator jacket (to be seen on here soon :D) from asos, aviator jackets apperntly THE thing to have in your autumn/winter wardroben and boy even though it cost me a bit, £120 in this case, i am completely besotted with it and want a brown one now!


Ejvi ✮ said...

I love it all!! Beautiful dress, jacket and necklaces!!! Great shopping! Topshop is the best :)


Unknown said...

The dress is gorgeous. It's feminine and sexy, which is just the right combination. I think it will easily take you through to A/W with layering :)

Sarah Betty xx

minnja said...

oh this is a fabulous look.

Great blog and I follow you now via google. It would make me make, if you like to follow me, too !?


StyleNonsense said...

If I Was To Eat That Jacket, I Would Choke Becaause Of Just How Beautiful It Is.l

Rachel said...

You are really cute ( i love your hair ) //

Check my blog !

Bisou from Paris

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