Wednesday 10 February 2010

Sweet 18

So this Tuesday it finally was my 18th birthday and as i hate celebrating a birthday in the middle of the week i started the celebrations at the weekend. I went out for a meal with my friends and got this dress for the occasion. It is from asos and was a total bargain reduced from £85 to £20!!!!! I really love the dress even more than i first anticipated after i ordered it and definetly contributed to the great evening that I had ( plus the lovely handbag cake).


Irene's Closet said...

You are amazing beautiful!
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Irene's Closet

7 said...

omg your so pretty! I love your hair cut, oh and happy belated birthday!!!

Eli said...

Hello...Happy Birthday!!!!!I really like your blog and your style ... I will follow you...if you must come and see me in my blog...xoxo Eli

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